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Dictionary.Com (2008) defines secretary as a ‘person employed to handle corresponding and do routine work in a business office, usually involving taking dictation, typing, filing, and the like’. These functions are very significant. The manner in which they are handled can have a bi-directional effect on businesses and institutions which could either have a negative or positive impact on productivity.

It is obvious that works done by secretaries are essential in the communication process which significantly facilitates the coherent operation and administration of institutions and business entities. Our emerging postwar economy needs such individuals in the business environment. Therefore, to adequately address this need, the programs of the school of Secretarial Administration are designed with the objective of producing graduates who can enter this noble profession with developed skills that are much needed in the business setting taking into consideration leading computer technologies.

We build the foundation of our students for responsible participation in communication written and oral, enhanced their aptitude for inquiry and the ability to intelligently provide solutions to job related problems in the office. We can certainly we developed the ideal office workers. The scope of the programs makes them appropriate for old hands and even those who have no experience in this field. The School offers two programs leading to the Associate of Arts in Office Administration and Bi-lingual Secretarial Science and a Diploma in Clerk Typing.



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