Corporate Training

Ubiquitous computing characterizes the way we communicate and transact businesses today. This is seen in every aspect of our lives. Interestingly, the associated digital devices and interconnected systems have provided an ideal medium for the perpetration of digital crime. The dexterity with which digital crimes are implemented can be very daunting. This presents technical and logical challenges for fraud investigators, law enforcement and legal professionals. A way of mitigating these challenges is through digital forensic capacity building. This is where Tech Convergence Consult Incorporated (TCCI) bridges the gaps through its digital forensic examination training. Our training approaches capacitate students with electronic discovery and advanced investigative techniques. They are exposed to the methodology to evaluate the scene, collect and document all relevant information, interview appropriate personnel, maintain chain-of-custody, and write findings reports. Our training caters to law enforcement and legal professionals as well as private corporations across all business sectors.
The Web Technology program is divided into three categories: Beginner Web Programming, Intermediate Web Programming and Advance Web Programming. Each phase of the program will equip participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to build advance, dynamic content rich Web sites. The participants will also be equipped to undertake complex projects in the innovative field of Web Programming. Please click the link below to view details on each phase:
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